Twenty-six point two

53 year-old man vs. 26.2 miles

01/12/14 – day off

What better way to spend a day off from running than not one, but two great football games. Still getting over the Patriots winning last night. 7 days until the marathon.


01/11/14 – 8 miles

It was 70 degrees out when I started, and by five miles, my shirt was soaked through with sweat. That got me to thinking of a different approach to hydrating for next Sunday. I need to really tank up on fluids as mush as I can before the race, starting next Saturday morning. I’ll drink my Powerade all day & evening, and then when I wake up on Sunday morning. During the race, I’ll take two cups of Gatorade at every water station. (I wish they used Powerade.) Hopefully that will help. 8 days until the marathon.

01/10/14 – day off

Another early start to my work day, and another day of skipping the gym. At least this morning we got fed. These early mornings are getting to me. 9 days until the marathon.

01/09/14 – day off

Yes, I took the day off, due to work. I’ve been going over the mental aspects of the upcoming marathon. At this point, I’ve done all I can as far as my physical preparation. Just have to work to get my mind right. 10 days until the marathon.

01/08/14 – 5 miles

It was cold again this morning (44 degrees), but not nearly as windy. Basically, a nice day for a five mile run. Can’t run tomorrow, due to having to be at work by 8:00 a.m. 11 days until the marathon.

01/07/14 – 6 miles

I was supposed to run four miles today, but for some reason I thought it was six. So six it was. The temperature was 44 degrees when I left for my run this morning, but it was 41 degrees when I got home! I added a long-sleeve shirt, gloves & a hat to my usual attire. The cold wasn’t bad at all, but when the wind was blowing right in my face, it is very uncomfortable. Looks like it will be cold again tomorrow. I’ll take that over running in warm weather any day. 14 days until the marathon.

01/06/14 – gym day

Went to the gym, did stuff, came home, then went to work. Not much else to say. 15 days until the marathon.

01/05/14 – day off

My hip was still bothering me last night, but it feels better now. Off to the gym tomorrow, and then it’s going to be a c-o-l-d run Tuesday morning. The forecast is calling for temps in the upper 30’s Monday night into Tuesday morning! 16 days until the marathon.

01/04/13 – 12 miles

I felt like stopping at seven, I planned on stopping at ten, but I ran the full 12 miles. The pain in my left hips was bad, despite taking 600 mg. of ibuprofen before I left the house. For the last few miles, I concentrated on mentally dealing with the pain. Because that is what I will have to do in two weeks, during the marathon. There will be no stopping. The distance on January 19th is 26.2 miles, and I will grind that out, no matter what. Jim sent me a text right after I finished the Disney marathon last year that said “Pain is temporary. Pride is forever.” When I finish the Clearwater marathon, I will have a lot of pain, but I will have even more pride in my accomplishment. 17 days until the marathon.

01/03/14 – gym day

Wow, two weeks in a row of going to the gym on both gym days. That’s amazing. I am diagnosing myself with a (suspected) labrum tear of my left hip. At this point in time, I’m hoping it gets better on it’s own & goes away. That would be nice. 18 days until the marathon.