01/19/14 – 26.2 miles

by jbriggsdnp

The day started well. I got to Coachman Park early, so I got a great parking space. It was chilly, so my thrift shop hoodie was a good idea. The start of the race was pushed back from 7:05 until 7:19 am. Shortly after mile two, I tossed the hoodie. Throwing clothing on the side of the road was a popular thing to do at this race.

The first 13 miles went well. I looked at my watch then, and didn’t check it again until just before I crossed the finish line. Obsessing about my time didn’t seem to be a good idea. Just after mile 15, my right knee started to hurt a lot. As a matter of fact, it almost gave out on me a couple of times. By about mile 18, I really thought that I would not be able to finish the race. Eventually, it settled down.

My plan for hydration went mostly as planned, at least for a while. Yesterday, I drank two and a half quarts of Powerade. I doubled up on Gatorade at all of the tables that offered it, until around mile 18 or so. The nausea had set in, and I was lucky to drink one at a time. The nausea only got worse, until around mile 22, when I started to dry heave a lot. That made me feel better, so I went back to drinking, water this time. At mile 22 I threw up everything I had to drink over the last three miles. As I was standing by someone’s lawn, vomiting, a police officer, who was directing traffic walked up to me and said, “Are you all right?” I looked sideways at him & said “I’m good.” From there, somehow, I made it to the finish line. I haven’t seen the official time yet, but I believe I took ten minutes off my time from last year. Wow!

I will cut to the chase on this last part. Shortly after finishing the race, I ended up at the paramedics tent, where I received around 800 ml of IV fluids. They wanted me to go to the hospital, but I politely declined. After signing a form that warned me of the risks of not going to the hospital, I drove home. The paramedics with Sunstar EMS were polite, professional, and great people. 

Like I said yesterday, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. That  includes running a marathon, at 54 years of age. More tomorrow.