01/04/13 – 12 miles

by jbriggsdnp

I felt like stopping at seven, I planned on stopping at ten, but I ran the full 12 miles. The pain in my left hips was bad, despite taking 600 mg. of ibuprofen before I left the house. For the last few miles, I concentrated on mentally dealing with the pain. Because that is what I will have to do in two weeks, during the marathon. There will be no stopping. The distance on January 19th is 26.2 miles, and I will grind that out, no matter what. Jim sent me a text right after I finished the Disney marathon last year that said “Pain is temporary. Pride is forever.” When I finish the Clearwater marathon, I will have a lot of pain, but I will have even more pride in my accomplishment. 17 days until the marathon.