Twenty-six point two

53 year-old man vs. 26.2 miles

Month: December, 2013

12/31/13 – 5 miles

Ended the year with a nice five mile run. Low 60’s, not too sunny out, it was good running weather. Let’s hope tomorrow morning’s run goes well, after sushi & champagne to ring in the new year this evening. 21 days until the marathon.


12/30/13 – gym day

Good day at the gym this morning. I went later than usual, & it was a bit more crowded than usual. Makes me want to take my time in the gym more seriously in the future. 22 days until the marathon.

12/29/13 – day off

Today is a well-deserved day off. I feel almost back to normal now, just some slight pain in my lower back. Still can’t figure that one out. I thought I had aches & pains, but that’s nothing compared to what Anderson Silva must be feeling right about now. Yes, last night’s fight card was awesome. Off to the gym tomorrow morning. 23 days until the marathon.

12/28/13 – 20 miles

This one almost did me in. When I got back home, my body felt just torn up. I ran out of Powerade with five miles to go, which made things even worse. I started getting dizzy when I was taking off my sneakers outside the front door. Then my stomach felt awful for most of the day. Damn! This helped me decide for sure that this will be my last marathon. The training leading up to these races is too much, and too lengthy. Oh well, UFC 168 is this evening, so that should take my mind off of all of the aches and pains. 24 days until the marathon.

12/27/13 – gym day

I actually went to the gym today, & stayed off that machine that made my quads hurt two weeks ago. Tomorrow is my last & longest “long run” of my training. After that, the taper begins. Yikes! 25 days until the marathon.

12/26/13 – 5 miles

Happy Boxing Day! It was 62 degrees when I started this morning. My left hip is still bothering me when I run. I decided to get out the new pair of Brooks Ghosts, as well as a new pair of heel inserts, in the hopes that this new gear would make my hip feel better. It didn’t work. Oh well, off to try to buy a desktop fountain for my office. 26 days until the marathon.

12/25/13 – 10 miles

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas!!! Nothing says Christmas like a ten mile run. I encountered one other runner, and just two people walking as I made my way around the area. It was 52 degrees out when I started, so I wore my hat (not the Santa variety). My left hip is bothering me quite a bit when I run, but the pain subsides when I’m finished. Don’t know what’s going on. 27 days until the marathon.

12/24/13 – 5 miles

Five miles on Christmas Eve! It was 64 degrees out this morning, with a slight breeze. I’m hoping for it to be even cooler than that tomorrow, since I have ten miles to run. Ho ho ho. 28 days until the marathon.

12/23/13 – gym day

Yes, it’s been a while, but I made my way back to the gym. I made sure I avoided that machine that messed up my quads, though. Since I’m on vacation, it’s nice to be able to sleep in for a change. Not only that, but went for breakfast at Lenny’s as well! 29 days until the marathon.

12/22/13 – day off

The Bucs lost, again. Mercifully, there is only one more game left in the regular season. I might bust out my new pair of Brooks Ghosts this coming week. They need to be broken in before the marathon. 30 days until the marathon.