10/12/13 – 10 miles

by jbriggsdnp

Whenever I go out on my long runs on Saturdays, I see more people out, either walking or running. I passed this one guy who looked like a serious runner, with a belt that held two water bottles. A while later, we passed each other again. As he went by me, he said, “It’s almost over”. I’m not entirely sure what he meant. The Halloween Halfathon is in two weeks, so maybe he meant that the training for that was almost over. Or maybe he’s dying. Either way, if he runs that half marathon on the 27th, he’ll finish way ahead of me, based on the pace that I saw him running.

Later in the day, I went out to run errands. I picked up some “Shot Bloks” at Sports Authority. They are those gummy bear consistency cubes of carbs that I eat during longer runs. I also went to a book store, & looked around. There was a woman standing in front of a shelf, holding a book called You & Your Anxious Child. Yikes! Anyway, I was looking at a book about marathons, & there was a passage by Hal Higdon that I found interesting. He said that marathons are all about structure. That sums it up perfectly. The structure, routine & discipline of training are what compels me to do this. It’s almost as if the race is there at the end to justify what I have gone through during the weeks and months of training. 99 days until the marathon.