Twenty-six point two

53 year-old man vs. 26.2 miles

Month: October, 2013

10/31/13 – 4 miles

I went to the website of the company that takes pictures at races, & saw my pictures from last Sunday’s race. Even on a good day, I don’t photograph well, so these pictures aren’t too great, as usual. The only race pictures that I’ve ever bought were from the Disney marathon. I did that because it was my first marathon, and if I never ran another one, I didn’t want to pass up photographic evidence that I really did run a marathon.

Let’s hear it for the mighty Boston Red Sox, who won the World Series last night. Hooray!!! 81 days until the marathon.


10/30/13 – 7 miles

Not too bad this morning. My legs still hurt, but not as much as yesterday. I iced them a little after the run. 82 days until the marathon.

10/29/13 – 3 miles

Well, I ran three miles this morning, & my legs hurt like hell for the whole run. As a matter of fact, they hurt all day. Makes me wonder how tomorrow morning’s seven miles are going to feel. Gotta just suck it up & run. That’s it. 83 days until the marathon.

10/28/13 – gym day

When I was at the gym this morning, I used some machine that works your quads to my usual routine. Maybe if I keep this up in the gym, it might help. All I know is my legs felt fine yesterday, but they hurt like hell today. Ugh! Tomorrow’s three mile run should be fun. When I looked up my time for yesterday’s race online today, I found out that I did not finish in the top half for my age group. I really wasn’t surprised by that, though. This shouldn’t bother me, but it does. I guess I’m more competitive than I thought. I must keep reminding myself that the important thing is properly preparing for the marathon. 84 days until the marathon. 

10/27/13 – 13.1 miles

2:14:09 was my time today. I knew that the bad training would have a negative effect on my time. On the plus side, my cardio was good for the whole race. It was my legs (my quads, specifically) that gave me fits shortly after mile ten. The last three miles were slow & difficult. After I finished, I skipped the pasta & beer in favor of croissants & Powerade Zero. Even though this is the fourth half marathon that I’ve run, and the third at Fort DeSoto, I still get a little nervous before the race. I didn’t feel that way before the Disney Marathon, probably because: (1) I was with Brian & Bruce, and (2) I didn’t know what I didn’t know, because it was my first marathon. The good people at Florida Road races did an awesome job of putting on today’s race, just like they always do. They are a first class operation. 85 days until the marathon.


10/26/13 – day off

Drove to downtown St. Petersburg this afternoon to get my race packet. Then I just relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. Then I had whole wheat rotini pasta with tomato sauce for dinner (what else?). My training for tomorrow’s half marathon wasn’t very good, but I’ll do my best. It’s the end of week seven of nineteen. I’ll just treat it like a long weekend run, which it is. 86 days until the marathon.

10/25/13 – day off

I again decided that I needed sleep more than a trip to the gym this morning. It looks like it’s going to be in the mid 60’s Sunday morning. The colder the better. Tomorrow afternoon I’m going down to St. Petersburg to pick up my race packet. I’m starting to get psyched for Sunday’s race. But not psyched enough to run in a costume. 87 days until the marathon.

10/24/13 – 5 miles

It was 65 degrees out this morning, with a slight breeze- fantastic weather! This was my last run until the half marathon on Sunday. I’m undecided as to whether I’ll go to the gym tomorrow. I’m sort of leaning towards not going, but we’ll see what happens. 88 days until the marathon.

10/23/13 – 5 miles

I ran five miles this morning, & felt great! But I can tell that the half marathon on Sunday is going to be a chore. So I’ll just treat it like a long weekend run (with close to a thousand other people, many of whom will be in costume). Tomorrow morning I’ll put in another five miles, and that will be it until Sunday. I feel as though I really dodged the bullet on this. I was afraid that I’d be out of commission for a while. Thank God I healed up quickly. 89 days until the marathon.

10/22/13 – day off

Damn, I’m looking forward to going out for a run tomorrow morning. I last ran five days ago. That’s crazy! All of the rest, ice & ibuprofen should certainly help matters. How will I feel after tomorrow morning’s run? Tune in tomorrow to find out. 90 days until the marathon.